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Impulses: Trends That Will Shape India’s World

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On December 2, the Atlantic Council’s Strategic Foresight Initiative and South Asia Center hosted a discussion on the global trends shaping India’s future towards 2030.

India has undoubtedly taken a central seat in the international arena with a growing population of over one billion citizens and a globally competitive economy. The country is now a hotspot for technological innovation, urbanization, and an expanding private sector. Such rapid growth, however, brings new challenges for this emerging nation. Scarce water resources, lack of urban infrastructure, the need for rural development, and weak coordination between government, public, and private institutions, can put India at a critical juncture in its development as a regional and global power. This discussion will explore both the potential challenges and opportunities for India in the coming decades.

Introduction by

Sunjoy Joshi
Observer Research Foundation

A discussion with

Samir Saran 
Vice President
Observer Research Foundation

Moderated by

Banning Garrett
Director, Asia Program and Strategic Foresight Initiative
Atlantic Council