About Samir

Samir Saran is the President of Observer Research Foundation (ORF), one of Asia’s most influential think tanks. His research focuses on issues of global governance, climate change and energy policy, technology and new media, and India’s foreign policy.

He curates the Raisina Dialogue, India’s annual flagship platform on geopolitics and geo-economics, and chairs CyFy, India’s annual conference on cybersecurity and internet governance. He spearheads the foundation’s efforts to foster new international partnerships and globalise its platforms. 

Samir is a Commissioner of The Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace, a member of the Regional Action Group of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and is a part of WEF’s Global Future Council on Geopolitics. He also sits on the Board of Microsoft’s Digital Peace Now initiative.

Samir’s recent published works include “The New World Disorder And The Indian Imperative” with Shashi Tharoor and “Pax Sinica: Implications for the Indian Dawn” with Akhil Deo.

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