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Institute for Applied Economic Research, Brazil reports on BRIC Summit of Think Tanks

April 14-15, 2010
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Consumption dream based on the American way is unsustainable 
Participants in the BRIC Summit of Think Tanks demand radical change in the productive sector and new global governance 

The researchers who participated in the BRIC Summit of Think Tanks agreed unanimously that the citizens of their countries have consumption dreams based on the American way of life. For many, this is a dream that the planet will not stand. The debates led to the conclusion that the way out entails new global governance and a radical change in the productive sector, with lower production of private automotive vehicles and more investments in public transportation. Who will volunteer to try to lead a new world order?

The Indian researcher Samir Saran, from the Observer Research Foundation, noted that U.S. president Barack Obama has demonstrated political will to lead the transition to clean energy in the world. He quoted part of a speech delivered by the U.S. president: “We know that the leaders in the new energy matrix may lead the 21st century economy”.

According to Chinese researcher Zhang Yuyan, from the Institute of World Economics & Politics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, BRIC nations must unite to take the lead and “avoid that tariffs on carbon emissions be used as protectionist measures by developed countries”. The researcher believes that relations between the BRIC countries and other emerging nations should safeguard the right to quality of life to all citizens.